Company Overview

Company Overview

Asian Agribusiness Recruitment Training and Development (AARTD) was established in 2006. AARTD was founded to provide specialist recruitment, training & development services to both individuals and businesses operating in the Agribusiness industry.

RECRUITMENT: AARTD has a specialist team of professionals who service both the employer and employee. We are dedicated to finding the right people for the variety of jobs we have available across the Asia-Pacific region.

We offer:

  • An extensive database that contains industry professionals from all major segments of Agribusiness in the Asia Pacific
  • An exceptional understanding of Agribusiness and the qualifications required to fill  the wide range of roles
  • Representation across the Asia Pacific and first-hand knowledge of the Agribusiness needs in all major markets
  • An extensive network of contacts enabling targeted searches to find the right candidate
  • A unique meeting point in AARTD’s website attracting industry professionals and graduates seeking the ‘next step’ in their career development

Asian Agribusiness Recruitment Training and Development (AARTD) works closely with Asian Agribusiness Media – publishers of Asian Poultry, Asian Pork, Asian Feed and Asian Meat magazines.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: AARTD has developed and delivered a wide range of commercial training and development programmes, each tailored specifically to meet the objectives of its clients.

The development process for a training programme is as follows:

  • Initial meeting – establish needs of the client and priorities
  • AARTD send a proposal with a proposed format
  • AARTD conducts in-field visits to develop customised training material for the client
  • Final training programme presented to the client for approval
  • AARTD conducts training. All training programmes are customised, focused on the nature of the client’s business and includes real-to life case studies and practical sessions, all recorded on video for individual reference.

Comments from participants:

“The ARRTD training programme built my confidence in approaching all types of customers- I feel a lot more confident in approaching difficult customers.”

“The training programmes and delivery styles of AARTD facilitators are well balanced and very relevant to our company’s business – they really understand Agribusiness”

AARTD is well positioned to serve Agribusiness in the Asia Pacific.