诗华(Ceva)最近有什么新动向?Pig333采访诗华亚洲区市场技术经理 Mark Mombarg
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诗华(Ceva)最近有什么新动向?Pig333采访诗华亚洲区市场技术经理 Mark Mombarg

Posted by | November 23, 2017 |

诗华亚洲区市场技术经理 Mark Mombarg


Mark Mombarg:Ceva在中国的新闻,是我们刚刚发布了一款新产品CIRCOVAC(猪克环)。我们对于这款产品的发布非常兴奋,因为这是一款全球性的产品,在世界各地很多地方都获得非常成功的反响,如今我们也获得了在中国出售的许可。现在是正式进驻中国的第4,5个月,产品的销售速度很快,用户对产品的效果非常满意。

Pig333: Ceva在中国市场的挑战是什么?

Mark Mombarg:我认为,最大的挑战是市场规模。中国是个大国,有很庞大的畜牧业,所以对于一个正在成长的公司来说,如何以恰当的方式来管理是一个很大的挑战。因此,我们正在迅速扩展我们的团队,聘请优秀的兽医和其他优秀的员工,这是个非常棒的项目。我们对员工进行培训,丰富员工的知识,让员工的素质能给客户带来价值。对于这个挑战目前我们做得还不错。


Mark Mombarg:CEVA的战略非常简单 – 我们相信,我们必须要给客户带来价值,帮助客户解决遇到的问题,这样我们的产品销量自然就会增长。我们不仅仅是销售产品,我们更愿意帮助及与我们的客户成为合作伙伴,这将会成为我们未来的战略战策。过去20年里我们一直是这么做的,使得我们成为世界上成长速度最快的动保公司,显然这是个很有效的战略。


Mark Mombarg:和竞争者进行争斗是不明智的,我们的策略是和客户形成合作关系。我们不在意竞争因为我们强烈相信,如果我们提供好的产品,好的服务,那我们就会做的很好,我们的客户也会做的很好,然后我们都会获得成功,所以我们不和竞争者争斗。

关于CIRCOVAC 与市场同类产品的不同点以及特殊性

Mark Mombarg:这是一个不同的概念。医药制品在中国的供应是没有问题的,但诗华公司相信长时间来说会有越来越多的中国消费者对高质量品质稳定的产品感兴趣,并且我们也愿意接受这样一个事实,就是这些高质量的产品会比国产的产品价格稍微贵一些。最终的价格不重要,重要的是产品的效果和成本之间的比率,这些高品质的产品会提供更好的效益成本比率,所以,我们很自信。




Pig333: Anything new and exciting with Ceva?

Mark Mombarg:What new in china is that Ceva just launched “CIRCOVAC”, and we’re very thrilled to launch it because it’s an global product which is very successful in many parts of the world but we now also secured our license in China and we’re now probably in our third or fourth month and it’s good to see that the product is growing very fast and that the customer already starting to use CIRCOVAC are very happy.

Pig333: What is the challenge for Ceva in theChinese market?

Mark Mombarg:I think the biggest challenge is the size of the market. China is such a big country with so many animals, so for a growing company governing that in an appropriate way is a very big challenge,so we are rapidly expanding our organization, hiring good veterinarians and talentedother staff, and that’s a very great project. We’re training all those people, making them knowledgeable, having value for the customer. That’s a challenge but we’re doing well so far.

Pig333: What is Ceva’s strategy?

Mark Mombarg:Ceva’s strategy is very simple – we believe that we have to offer value for our customers, help them find solutions for their problems, and our business will grow automatically. Rather than just selling products we truly like to help and partner up with our customers, and that’s gonna be the strategy for the future. It also has been the strategy in the past twenty years and we are the fastest growing animal health company in the world, so obviously that’s a working strategy.

About the competitors

Mark Mombarg:It’s not a strategy to fight with competitors, our strategy is to partner up with clients. We don’t care about the competition. We strongly believe that if we offer good products together with good services we’ll do well, our clients will do well and we gonna besuccessful, so we don’t fight with competitors.

About the product

Mark Mombarg: It’s a different thing, pharmaceutics inChina are clearly meeting in demands, but Ceva is convinced that over time more and more Chinese customers will be interested in high and consistent quality, and our willing to accept the fact that those products might be slightly more expensive then locals. At the end it’s not the price who’s important, but the ratio between the benefit the product offers versus the cost. High quality products might be more expensive but they’ll have much better cost-benefit ratio, so again, we’re very confident.

What’s special about CIRCOVAC that it’s awhole virus vaccine, covering all important immunogenetic areas of the field strain, and by doing that we ensure a very high immunity level for piglets, making sure that the damaged caused by porcine circovirus is as limited aspossible for our clients, because even with clinical cases of PCV2 sometimes not being very frequent anymore there is still many more sub-clinical diseases and it’s very obvious that PCV2 continues to be enormous drain of profit for pig farms, and we’re very happy that we have a product in China being able to address that challenge and we believe it’s very good, and better than it’s competitors.