2013 live stock prices
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2013 live stock prices

Posted by | December 23, 2013 |

In the South of Vietnam, the price of live pig reach VND 50,000 per kg, a VND 1,000-2,000 per kg increasing compared with the previous week and this is the highest price from the beginning of the year. With this price, the closed farms profit VND 10,000 per kg, equivalent of VND 1 million/finisher pig (100kg).
In contrast with the pig, the poultry farmers is continuing unprofitable in the long time. In 15th Dec., the price of egg increase VND 50 per egg to VND 1,550 per egg, but the farmers still loss VND 50 per egg. The price of chicken (white feathers chicken) was deeply decreasing, averaging VND 24000-25000 per kg.
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