2nd Meeting of China-Philippines JCF held in Manila
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2nd Meeting of China-Philippines JCF held in Manila

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The Second Meeting of the China-Philippines Joint Committee on Fisheries (JCF) was convened in Manila, the Philippines on April 26, 2017.

The Chinese delegation, composed of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Embassy to the Philippines, research institutes and local governments and enterprises, attended the meeting and held talks with the Philippine delegation which consisted of officials from the Philippine Department of Agriculture and the Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Philippine Embassy to China.

The two sides exchanged views on respective priorities and governance policies in domestic fisheries development, discussed the key areas, basic principles and government measures for bilateral fisheries cooperation, and conducted friendly consultations on the proposed 2017-2019 JCF cooperation programs.

The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on carrying out technical training and exchange activities, facilitating business cooperation, bolstering mariculture and strengthening aquatic product processing, among other things.

The Chinese side noted that both China and the Philippines are major fisheries countries in the world while China is also a major consumer of aquatic products.

The fishing industry is important for both countries and plays a critical role in promoting the employment and income growth of fishermen, and boosting rural economy and social development.

China has attached great importance to the fisheries cooperation with the Philippines, hoping to advance pragmatic collaboration on the basis of mutual benefits and equality.

The Philippine side briefed on its priorities and key measures for domestic fisheries development, and asked China for germplasm transfer of four freshwater species, and assistance in technical capacity building on five subjects.

China introduced its fisheries development across the country, the planned layout of fishing industry during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, and the overall consideration for bilateral cooperation.

In response to the requests of the Philippine side, China put forward a draft MOU on China-Philippines Cooperation of Fisheries Technical Training and Exchange, and pledged to donate 100,000 Leopard Coral Grouper (Plectropomus spp.) seeds to the Philippines annually from 2017 to 2019.

The Philippine delegation extended appreciation for that and the two sides also discussed five business-to-business initiatives including the deep-sea breeding and aquatic processing in Davao, fingerling breeding and deep-sea cage culture in Palawan, tilapia development in Zambales, and so on.

The Philippine side expressed support for the above initiatives and pledged to enhance coordination and address concerns of businesses.

After the meeting, the two sides signed the Minutes of the 2nd JCF meeting, and the Chinese delegation witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreements between fisheries enterprises.

The meeting was held in line with the MOU on fisheries cooperation between the two ministries signed in Beijing in September 2004, marking the resumption of the JCF since its 1st meeting in Manila in 2005.

The meeting also decided that the next JCF meeting is scheduled in China in 2018.

SOURCE:MOA Information Office