30% of VietGAP certified aquaculture farms in 2015
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30% of VietGAP certified aquaculture farms in 2015

Posted by | November 25, 2014 |

By 2015 there will be 30% of intensive, semi-intensive farms and aquaculture systems that are VietGAP certified and this percentage in 2020 will be 80%.

The application of VietGAP standards is considered crucial measures to minimize the negative impacts of aquaculture, to develop sustainable farming; and to enhance product value and, to promote export activities.

Pangasius and shrimp, two major farmed species, are equally economically efficient. Pangasius production reached 1.1 million MT with total farming area of 5,200 ha while brackish water shrimp yeild was 550,000 MT from the total farming area of 666,000 ha. Mekong Delta is the largest area of farming these species.

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