3,200 Australian Dairy Cows Settle at Zhongshan Town, Guangxi Province
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3,200 Australian Dairy Cows Settle at Zhongshan Town, Guangxi Province

Posted by | October 29, 2013 |

Seen here in neat rows under the factory shed leisurely grazing, many black and white Holstein cows recently imported from Australia are drawing large interest in Zhongshan town of Hezhou City in the Guangxi Province of China.


The dairy base in Zhongshan Town has a completed silage silo, a concentrated feedstore, a hayloft and backup barn as well other advanced infrastructures. Project managers told reporters that the dairy base has expanded to include 4 barns occupying 22,000 square meters for the 3,200 Holstein cows with that number expected to increase to 3,500 cows by the end of the year. This is part of a plan to invest 250 million RMB in the construction of cow breeding bases in the two phases of Zhongshan Town and Gong’an Town. This plan aims to reach over 10,000 dairy cows and a full load production of 36,000 tons of raw milk by 2016.


According to reports based on the Municiple Bureau of Animal Husbandry Fisheries, Hezhou City has now produced several leading breeding enterprises including Hezhou giant East, Zhong Shan Wens Dairy, and Jiangxi twins to name a few. The city is currently home to a total of 136 breeding enterprises including the top 8 enterprises of the industry and producing over 100 million RMB in annual output value.


In the Zhongshan town Wens Dairy cow base, a number of workers can be seen building new factory sheds. According to the supervisor in charge, the breeding stock will reach 10,000 cows at full capacity when the Zhongshan Town and Gong’an Town dairy cow breeding bases project is completed. Once completed, the bases are expected to become the largest in the Guangxi Province and will require an estimated 70,000 tons of roughage per year, which will effectually promote local farming developments as well as provide over 280 positions for employment. The cow breeding bases are also expected to be the largest raw milk supply base in the region. By then, the citizens of the Guangxi Province can expect to drink pure milk at home.

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