“Feed label” (GB 10648-2013) officially released the new standard
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“Feed label” (GB 10648-2013) officially released the new standard

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he State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Standardization Administration of China issued a new overhaul of “feed label” (GB10648-2013), and will come into effect on July 1, 2014.

“Feed label” and “feed hygiene standards “are two important mandatory national standards in feed industry and play a crucial role in standardizing the production and operation order as well as improving product quality and safety standards. In line with the promulgation and implementation of “feed and feed additives regulations”, the China Feed Industry Association and the National Feed Industry Standardization Committee promptly organized the revision of the “Feed label” standards.

The new overhaul of the “Feed label” added new definitions to feed, feed ingredients and feed additives;  new regulations that prohibit the phrase “with the prevention or treatment of animal diseases” in the product label; makes product names adopt a common name as well as provide a generic name for various types of feed formulation and labels; necessitates feed additives, trace elements and vitamins premix pre- mixed feed to be marked with the recommended dosage and precautions; creates strict label rules about animal feed, processed products, customized products, imported products and the specific GMO requirements; forces Chinese labels to keep consistent to the date marked on original products; and stipulates that labels shall not be obscured; along with other regulations.

Successful implementation of a “feed label” standard is meant to not only promote the feed label standardization of effective measures, but also regulate the feed production and business activities, maintain market order, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the production and operation of an important means of the user. This display of a more regulated standard of the “feed label” should have a strong significance in China’s feed industry.


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