The decline in live pig prices limited Shuanghui development
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The decline in live pig prices limited Shuanghui development

Posted by | October 29, 2014 |

After the Shuanghui Development fell 5% in 24th Oct, the stock price intraday limited in 27th Oct. According to the report in the last half year, Shuanghui development occupies 30% in Wanzhou International business Company, and therefore Wanzhou International Company also has been dragged down. Stock prices washings fell 14% to a new low price.

According to the third season`s report about Shuanghui development, revenue of the third season is 12.111 billion Yuan, fell 0.69% year on year; Net profit is 9.65 million Yuan, fell 15.68%. 1-3 season`s revenue is 33.1 billion Yuan, increase 2%; Net profit is 31.6 billion, increase 11.5%. One of the important reasons for Wanzhou International shares fell is poor performance in the three seasons, and had a large gap between the industry’s growth expectations, or as the initiator of this Shuanghui Development.

ShuangHui development performance was remarkable in last half year,
Why crashed out in the third season? Some peoples think that the three seasons live pig prices down, cause Shuanghui performance as expected. On live pig prices, the pork price in the first half year, especially in the second season, not as good as the third season. Why second-season net profit increase up to 17%? Therefore, JingShu believes that live pig prices down is the main reason of ShuangHui development limited.

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