The Vietnam feed market situation
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The Vietnam feed market situation

Posted by | December 2, 2013 |

According to Deputy Chairman of Vietnam Association animal feed, Mr. Pham Duc Binh said, the prices of commercial feed will reduce 5% in at the end October and November. Because, the prices of two main raw materials, which corn and soybeans were reducing strongly in the domestic market. In fact, in the second week of October, the price of soybean reduced 21.4%, which recorded 11,000 VND/ kg; the price of corn reduced 21.8%, which recorded 6,325 VND/ kg compared to with July. Recently, a lot of feed mills massively imported corn to be storable from India, Argentina, Brazil, the U.S. and Cambodia. Purchasing Manager of the Japfa Vietnam Company Ltd, Mr. Mai Van Chung : “Japfa imported 80,000 tons of corn from Argentina, that amount will be a storage to use till the first quarter of 2014 “. Mr. Chung also emphasize, “the Vietnam feed mills prefer importing corn in the foreign market to buying in the domestic market that has been recording high price and low quality.