Vietnam continues to import raw materials
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Vietnam continues to import raw materials

Posted by | December 2, 2013 |

According to the Department of Livestock Husbandry, in 2012, the Vietnam feed industry was at the top of Southeast Asia and ranked 12th in the world with a production of 15 million tons of food. However, to reach this feed production, Vietnam had to import about 8 million tons of raw materials, account for USD 3.8 billion. Expected by 2013, the amount of raw materials imported will increase to 8.5 million tons, take over USD 4 billion.
The leaders of Association feed said, Vietnam does not have soybean for feed processing. With approximately 3.5-4 million tons of corns, about 1 million tons of bran, 1.5 million tons of cassava were put into animal feed processing, they just meet about 45-50% demand of raw materials. In addition, each year Vietnam has imported hundreds of tons of minerals, additives and supplements from China. As expected, Vietnam still has to import raw materials in future.