Yili Group Tongchuan dairy farming projects steadily moving forward
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Yili Group Tongchuan dairy farming projects steadily moving forward

Posted by | December 2, 2013 |

On October 24, 2013, the Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary joined officials from the city’s Bureau of Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Station as well as the city’s Commerce and Industry Bureau to conduct an official inspection of the Yili Group Tongchuan dairy farming project’s progress.

This construction project, by the Yili Group, spans ten thousand dairy breeding bases and is Tongchuan city’s top ten transformation projects. The project is funded by the Inner Mongolia-based Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and managed by the Tongchuan Yili Livestock Development Co., Ltd. Located in Yaozhou city’s Bushouyuan modern agricultural park, total investment for the project is set at 400 million RMB divided into two phases. The first of these phases will account for 200 million RMB, of which 120 million RMB is designated for infrastructure construction and 80 million RMB to develop the facilities required in order to introduce breeding cows, including 4000 purebred Australian Holstein cows, to the base. This includes the construction of production and living areas, storage areas for forage processing, a waste sewage treatment area and other modern facilities for the breeding cows.

In order to assess the project’s successful progress, the inspection team leaders have thoroughly evaluated key facilities of the project including the dairy building, guard room, boiler room, silage silo, machinery libraries, equipment rooms, fine material libraries, hayloft, milking parlor, barn, oxidation Tong and roads, as well as milking equipment, feeding systems, water supply units, firefighting equipment and other process equipment purchases.

The inspection teams believe that this project will contribute a lot to the city’s industrial development, comprehensively promote the dairy production of the city to new heights, and hope that the relevant departments and units can continue to work together in order to guarantee the project’s implementation.


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